Terms of Service

1.Time: We will send the goods out in 2-3 days as you pay the money

2,Delivery time: Usually the goods will be sent by China post, it will take about 20-35 days to reach to you. if you want to more quick delivery, please contact to me, we will discuss the delivery methods:

Hongkong post: 15-25 days
EMS: 7-10 days
DHL: 3-6 days
UPS: 4-7 days
Fedex: 4-7 days

3.Return: If the goods is broken or other problems come from us, we will accept to return in 7 days as you get the goods, we will refund full money when you get the return goods. (Return Shipping fee is afford by buyer ). Of course we provide to partial refund depend on the different case !

4.Feedback: if you are satisfied with the goods and services, please give us a good comment; if you are not satisfied with the goods or our services, please give us more advice, we will do best.

5. Payment term: Paypal. Western union, T/T